Anurag, Roy, Dutt, R. To experiment with the micromeritics properties of powders. A Brief Review Pal, S. The academic rigor draws the best out of its students and entails intense participation and extensive teamwork. Analyze the reactions of synthetic importance.

Examine drug therapy of patients through medication chart review and clinical review. To make use of principles of Chemical Kinetics for Stability Testing. At MIET, education is about more than earning a degree. Pharmacognosy I — Theory BP T On completion of the module, the leaner will be able to; Describe the history, scope and development of pharmacognosy. Together with i the thesis, ii the synopsis, iii the reports of the DAC members, iv the list of potential examiners, v other related documents, the DRC will recommend to the Dean, ARD through the campus-based Associate Dean that the evaluation of the thesis may begin. I am grateful for being part of MIET. Italica Brassicaceae on memory deficits in young male rats.

Explain mineral nutrition, photosynthesis and respiration of plants. Understand of different natural resources including renewable resources.

Understand the biochemical tests and its applications mpharm pharmaceutical industries.

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Determine the number of starch grains by Lycopodium spore method Determine the Ash value, Extractive values, moisture content of crude drugs. To assess influence of packaging on quality and shelf life of food product and chose appropriate packaging material. Develop structure activity relationship of various medicinal agents. The main objective of the course is to understand and consummate the basic fundamental principles by performing experiments related to solutions, suspensions, emulsions, creams, dentrifices etc.

Students will be able to acquire, retain, recall and apply specialized language and knowledge relevant to microbiology. Interpret mode of interaction, the construction of their structure-activity relationships, and study of their metabolism Integrate and apply knowledge and skills associated with medicinal chemistry to plan and execute a substantial research project Pharmaceutics-VI Pharmaceutical Technology-I RPH On completion of the course student will be able to: They have great thfsis with their subjects in the curriculum.



To understand the Physical and Physicochemical properties of drug molecules for designing of dosage forms. Identify the drugs of natural origin by chemical tests, organoleptic, morphological, miscroscopical, characters. Also to discuss the processes of standardization of natural products.

Analyze and distinguish the medicinal plant and compare their properties. Developing individual speech delivery and stylization Develop effective speaking ability for presentations and develop thinking. Development and gamma scintigraphical clearance study of novel Hibiscus rosasinensis thesks based mucoadhesive nasal gel of rizatriptan benzoate.

Antidementic activity of Brasicca olarecae L.

uptu m.pharm thesis format

In a nutshell, it feels proud to be a part of such an institution and I’m thankful to MIET for making me strong enough for professional careers ahead. Communication Skills — Theory Ghesis T Upon completion of the subject, students will be able to Demonstrate proficiency in English language and in converting information into actionable knowledge.

uptu m.pharm thesis format

Evaluate the mechanism of drug absorption and drug-drug interaction. Apply the use of medicinal plant, cultivation, collection, processing and storage of plant with its industrial importance.

It has excellent course curriculum and faculty members. Applying Pharmaceutical Analysis-I BP T Upon completion of the subject, students will be able to Understand the basic fundamentals of analytical chemistry.


Course Outcome Students apply scientific principles in a range of formulation techniques. Pharmacology I — Theory BP T Upon the completion of forat syllabus, the student will be able to- Understand the pharmacological actions of different categories of drugs.

Identify the identification of organic compounds.

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Students will be able to reflect critically about their roles and identities as citizens, consumers and environmental actors in a complex, interconnected world.

Understand the reaction mechanism and stability of organic compounds. Nootropic effect of Vigna mungo l. After assessment, the candidate will give pre-submission seminar in the department where DAC, DRC and other faculty members and students may also be invited. Explain the findings in laboratory practical in the form of a report.

Unique features Tablet punching machine, Sieve shaker, Bottle Filling Machine, Double cone blender, Bottle washing machine Computer Lab Course Objectives The principle goal of the course is to learn the practical computer basic skills, applications, installation and troubleshooting.

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Understanding Evaluate the different methods of pharmacovigilance and pharmacoepidemiology. Thesis along with synopsis and relevant documents are to be submitted to Convener, DRC. Understanding Describe the structure, functions and disorders of urinary system.