These essential foundation requirements ensure students have the technical and professional attributes for success with supporting research, development and the creation of new technologies. Students lacking credit in required foundation courses can take UHCL courses to remove any deficiencies. Please contact the appropriate graduate enrollment counselor for more information. My course does not have any specialization. You may track your application status via E-Services.

The program requires students to choose between an internship in the field, a graduate teaching assistantship, or guided research under the direction of a professor. GRE is not required for students with Master’s or Ph. Delta Office hours: All doctoral students will engage in a high level of research. The degree builds on a thorough undergraduate study of Computer Science. Effective Fall 3.

The program also offers a senior level project course to Computer Science majors. Visit the Web pages on program objectives and curriculum for more information.

All undergraduate programs require an internship at UNT, while graduate and doctoral programs emphasize research, teaching assistantships, and other experiential couursework outside the classroom.

Effective Fall 3. In the capstone track, students will choose elective coursework that will help them khcl in software development, systems development, security and administration, or advanced programming.

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Learn more about the courses required to succeed here in the College of Science and Engineering. Direct any general questions about the computer science program to Sharon Hallthe program chairperson Contact admissions regarding the status of your application To speed up your application processing, be sure you give all necessary documents to the Office of Admission.


Some of the students having 3 or 4 yrs of exp join here. The degree builds on a thorough undergraduate study of Computer Science. For more information visit How to Apply. What are the largest classes at the University of Houston-Clear Lake?

uhcl cs coursework

Enterprise class performance in one reliable, best in class phone service. Students will take advanced object-oriented programming classes that go well beyond what they practiced as an undergraduate. Teaching and learning are always evolving and correcting.

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We live in a technological world in which the technology footprint will continue to expand. If you want to submit the optional “Letters of Intent,” “Letters of Recommendation,” or similar documents, send them directly to the Computer Science Admission Committee for review.

Charles Philips Charles E. No professors or adjuncts available to teach the last class you need. What are the strengths and weaknesses of the advising system at the University of Houston-Clear Lake?

Combine Technological Competence with Managerial and Organizational Skills This plan prepares students for key technical, administration and management positions in the analysis, design, implementation, maintenance, operation and management of industrial and commercial computer information systems. Students can elect to take a senior thesis ca that will prepare them for graduate work, or they can opt for additional electives in specific programming languages, intellectual property concerns, or network security and administration.

How was University of Houston—Clear Lake founded? If you are accepted into the master’s program, the letter will contain committee recommendations if any and specify your faculty advisors.


Computer Science programs adhere to the leading standard in curricula. Preparation for productive careers in computing couraework with an excellent and diverse environment for learning, research, and the practice of theories, applications, uhvl software development. The Admissions staff coursewwork then forward the entire application package to the advising office of the College of Science and Engineering.

uhcl cs coursework

Advanced computer programming, systems and hardware management, operating system deployment and server software administration, web programming and development, and advanced information security.

Get ready to calculate the course load for your education at University of Houston-Clear Lake! Answered Sep 8, How safe is the campus at the University of Houston-Clear Lake and should anything be done to make it safer? To accomplish this, the degree programs are designed to engage students in the areas of professional practice, professional growth, and professional conduct. Houston is home to more than half of the Fortune companies in Texas.

Andrew Yang Toneluh Andrew A. What are some useful tips for students starting their first semester at the University of Houston-Clear Lake? Poor career services No hard feelings.