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nstp feeding program essay

While assisting the children you will see and be overwhelmed seeing a face satisfied with the activities and food we offered them.

This program is also a way in helping them out of the state of hunger.


Therefore, I conclude that this program is for the benefit of the people who are in the state of poverty and hunger. Get a custom sample essay written according to your requirements urgent 3h delivery guaranteed Order Now.

nstp feeding program essay

In addition, a non-government organization gives Nurisha juice during their feeding, health care practices such as handwashing and toothbrushing are also promoted. It is indeed true that ptogram begins when we get out of our comfort zones because even those people feedinh join the feeding program have never even experienced being in one for a very long time. The school provides daily heavy lunch with malunggay, monggo, and kalabasa as main ingredients mixed with chicken or ground pork.


So, when I came there, there was them and after a few minutes I began to help them.

We also have three large pots where we can cook the meal. The girl, namely Erika, is just a little girl, naughty and likes fun. Gole Cruz one of the Health Coordinators of the school threshed out those who were severely wasted and and wasted pupils sesay Grade 1 to Grade 6 levels.

Nstp feeding program essay

She contented with what she has in her life. Even in the most-developed nations, there are hungry children who can be helped by school meals. Click here to sign up. essat

Please choose the access option you need: After cleaning those things, we had our picture taking. Some of those implications are discussed herein as well.

nstp feeding program essay

All of us gathered there to sign our attendance and give our wavers to our instructor, to clarify that our parents or guardian allowed us to go. I help them repacking the juice; I also help them chopping the ingredients into small dices. The so called seminar and feeding program was held at Barangay Malvar near the campus our target crowd was the children on that barangay.

The good Lord spoke to me through these people because it was right there and then that He was teaching us that we could only know the value of life once we have nothing.

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True love is giving without taking, without having to receive anything in return. But after that you will see that they learned and enjoyed the activities. This experience is something I will definitely go back to over and over again. Our assembly place was our school and our assembly time was 6: This program needs to be planned carefully so that the result would be very nice and that the program would be very successful.

And also through the food that they eat, it could also energize their day. About Me shy View my complete profile. At the middle of the activities the NSTP student distributed the food for the children and also assists them while they are eating. Valera, Therese Antonnette L. At least through this simple ways, we could bring joy to their lives and make them happy for this time. In the end, God will never judge for what we have or what status we obtain, but what He will be looking at is what and how much we give to others who need it more than we do.

So, we have been working out and then the residents began going out and went to us to ask for food and we also gave them. Our group leader was Sinclair F. Sorry, but copying text is forbidden on this website!