Indicate your average daily earnings i ii iii iv v vi Other Specify …………………………………………………………………………. The study recommends that the government increases road patrols so as to reduce incidences of carjacking and robbery. An investigation into the constraints affecting the growth and profitability of public transport business in Nairobi. Interestingly, the significance of transport sector towards achieving sustainable development and as a component of sustainability has been stressed by scholars over the years. Entrepreneurship The capacity and willingness to undertake conception, organization, and management of a productive venture with all attendant risks, while seeking profit as a reward. Coopers and Lybrand Association Ltd The owners of the Matatu SACCOs are also recommended to do routine inspections of their employees as they carry out their work so as to improve on efficiency and there improve on revenue generation.

Since the number of management were key in decision making and to this study the researcher decided to use all management of five SACCO to be used in this study. Matatu fall under the public service vehicles PSV here in Kenya. In Nairobi, the paratransit industry is comprised of minibuses or Matatus. Cooperatives are user-owned and user-benefited organizations. Throughout the world, increasing traffic congestion threatens economic growth. Having worked for long period in the sector means that you have a lot of experience and knowledge in running the business.

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Cooperative Centenary in India. Republic of Kenya This low service performance was due to the deficiencies of public transport route network and the service capacity constraints. Managerial skills are important in making decisions which are non-routine and strategic in nature.


A Matatu directly employs a driver and a conductor Kyalo, They come in the form of government ministries, departments and regulatory authorities.

The analysis was done based on the research objectives. Questionnaires were used to provide the major sources of data. Research Methods in the Social Sciences. Research Methods; Quantitative and Qualitative Approaches. The Matatu public sector in Nairobi.

Research Data From table 4. Transport and Popular Struggles in South Africa.

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The researcher contacted them and agreed on the time of administering the questionnaire which was made through several follow-ups until the questionnaires were administered to them.

As one of my requirement of my course, I am carrying out to examine: Thanks to all those lecturers who were involved in developing and shaping my destiny. Property and land values tend to increase in areas with expanding transportation networks, and increase less rapidly in areas without such improvements. The study also concludes that the impact of training on the venture is measured or evaluated through reduction in grievances, through the reduction of turnover and through increase in revenue.

Public transport is increasingly adopted for many purposes, such as providing mass mobility, managing traffic congestion, mitigating air pollution, reducing energy consumption and creating development opportunities. Improving Tax Compliance in the Informal Sector: To ensure reliability of the instrument, a pilot study was carried out. In a presidential decree allowed Matatus to carry fare paying passengers without obtaining a Transport Licensing Board TLB licence.

In addition to the direct benefits they provide to members, cooperatives strengthen the communities in which they operate. The findings of the study will be applicable to all matatu sector investors, government as a policy maker and scholars.


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Small scale manufacturing in Kenya. A specific time frame of five days was given to the respondents to complete the questionnaire. The workers are generally on temporary basis and earn wages on daily basis.

IMF country report no. Questionnaires were designed in a simple form which were easily understood and were delivered to the respondents who participated in the research study. These may include, capital adequacy, vehicles serviceability and ageand passenger capacity.

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The formal institutions generally come in the form of public and government institutions set up to regulate the performance of the matatu sector. In other words, sustainable transport cannot be said to be achieved if it is not coupled with an effective and efficient programme that enhances livelihood of people. The mju of the relevant business skills is critical for their growth.

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The owners of the Matatu business are also recommended to do fotmat inspections of their employees as they carry out their work. In Nairobi, the paratransit industry is comprised of minibuses or Matatus.

Do you inspect 45 40 10 5 employees as they work? International Center for Economic Growth

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