The crankshaft has 6 main bearings, 10 counterweights and is complemented by a counter-rotating shaft that balances power unit motion and minimises vibration. A highly rigid engine mount and lighter pistons also make the power unit very noiseless. These are known as Executive and Emblema and are equipped with a wealth of standard equipment items that are complemented by some exclusive devices on Emblema versions. Current models Ypsilon III. These two features bring great benefits to the driver. By day, these look like two understated chrome decorations; by night they are red and orange stripes, both one centimetre wide that make the car unique and immediately recognisable even on the motorway.

Developed by Mannesmann-Sachs it uses numerous sensors to monitor the relative motion between the wheels and the body then controlling the level of damping provided by each individual damper. The 5-speed automatic transmission, in particular, is two gearboxes in one. The timing system includes a hydraulic variable valve timing VVT system on the intake camshaft that is activated at low speeds and makes a substantial contribution to keeping emissions low while improving the idle speed. This person is a call centre operator who is ready to provide information, resolve problems and offer a wide range of services at any time. The credit for this goes to a power unit that balances torque at low speed and maximum power with outstanding panache.

Now for the 3. The wheels on the Emblema are the same size but more elegant in style.

Lancia Thesis 20V Turbo Soft Emblema PS – Technical data & Performance – Moteurs

This was developed on theiss new track created specially for comfort-testing the model. Beginning with safety devices. The well-proportioned, striking rear end brings all the lines and elements that form the Lancia Thesis to a satisfying conclusion. Car handling and agility are also important.


You can let your emotions be aroused while aboard the Lancia Thesis as well. The suspension utilises text layouts both front and rear. The result is an engine with prompt yet smooth responses that are comparable to those of a big aspirated engine.

lancia thesis 2.0 20v turbo test

All these devices are built by the best companies in the sector and fit perfectly into the passenger compartment without impairing car user-friendliness, passenger room, comfort and safety. I have read and thdsis. The pistons offer a compression ratio of lanca The turbo lag so typical of turbocharged engines has also been completely eliminated on this engine.

It is also a vast improvement on current discrete damping control systems that offer a restricted adjustment range.

Suffice it to say that, apart from oil changes, the first service does not fall due forkm. Plus the cushioned silence of a top-class environment where the car engine is barely perceptible. The sides and front reveal only the barest hints of chrome here and there. This combination of attributes is certainly not usual in tkrbo type of car.

lancia thesis 2.0 20v turbo test

The Lancia Thesis 2. If we were to sum up the 2. The car is equipped with beige leather interior and electrically adjustable rear seats. It therefore helps reinforce the limousine effect by lengthening the car. The Lancia heritage – The Lambda.


All in all, it is the Lancia Thesis lancla someone who wishes to use their car every day for everything they do: Many devices are fitted as standard on all version. These are as follows: CAR’s verdict was that “If Lancia can be turned around this is the car for the job [5].


lancia thesis 2.0 20v turbo test

When equipped with this power unit, the Thesis offers extra punch and accentuates agility and handling to satisfy customers who have no intention of giving up on a fast drive. The shock absorber valves on the system offered on the Lancia Thesis are controlled by an electronic control unit that screens factors such as load, road conditions, car motion and driver reactions.

The throttle is electrically controlled by the engine management control unit. It was fitted with more technology and “more style” [5]. An interior in baby-soft Poltrona Frau designer leather with heated seats can be selected as an option.

The result is a new vertical division: These traits are, however, immediately offset by smooth curves and crisp corners combined in a completely new stylistic language. The 5-speed automatic transmission comes with the 3. In conclusion, CAR’s Horrell summed up 2v Thesis as being “far more accurate and even agile than it has any right to be [5]. Sophisticated engines The Lancia Thesis is well aware of its status and when on the road offers tes the performance one would expect from a big prestige saloon.