When assessing the work you should carefully consider all the evidence for that task in the light of the descriptions within the table, awarding marks as specified. However, we cannot give permission to Centres to photocopy any material that is acknowledged to a third party even for internal use within a Centre. Upload document Create flashcards. For example the candidate identifies that it might be difficult for a sole trader to obtain a bank loan but does not explain why this might be difficult. Three marks were awarded for identification of two potential advantages and one potential disadvantage. Topic 5 of the syllabus looks in detail at planning for negotiation and the process, which learners may find helpful.

To provide sufficient evidence of their work learners are required to complete and submit evidence for the following four tasks. The candidate needed to develop the explanations of these examples fully. A maximum of nine marks was available for a one-sided evaluation and this candidate was awarded a mark of ten. The link to future productivity and supplier relations was discussed in detail. The candidate discussed the communications that took place between stakeholders and did not explain the support given. This saves time when internal moderation takes place.

To achieve at the top of couraework level the financial or market communications plans would need to be detailed, and any ckursework made, thoroughly justified.

It is therefore gicse that, on some questions, lower grade candidate scripts are awarded the same, similar or sometimes higher marks than higher grade candidate scripts. Each individual must be able to demonstrate their own role in the activity or project. The top copy of the MS1 should be sent separately to Cambridge in the specially provided envelope and the second copy should be included with the coursework sample so that the External Moderator can check that the marks have been correctly transferred.

Coursework Assessment Summary Form 38 A. Cambridge IGCSE Enterprise is a unique new syllabus that brings the world of business into the classroom and gives learners a clear insight into what it means to.


Igcse enterprise coursework exemplar

Enterprise Web Content Management that helps your budget go further. Cambridge Assessment International Education.

Requirements of the syllabus 1.

Cambridge Assessments of Educational Achievement Volume 5. See also the instructions on the Coursework Assessment Summary Form.

Description of presentation observed: This can usually coureswork resolved by asking the teacher to redistribute the candidates over a three or even four-mark range. Requirements of the syllabus Task Evidence required Section of syllabus covered Task 1: Note this section should not be chosen by learners working alone.

Where only one member of staff is involved in the delivery and assessment of this coursework component, a line manager should take responsibility for standardisation. This means that teachers should deliver the prescribed subject content specified in the syllabus through a planned programme of study and should explain carefully what is required of the group or individual learners.

In this way, it is possible to understand what candidates have done to rxemplar their marks and what they still have to do to improve their grades.

igcse enterprise coursework exemplar

No informal source of support was not identified. This is unlikely to show good understanding or analysis of issues, and therefore cannot be considered sufficient evidence to merit higher level marks. One mark was awarded. Signatures Teacher 1 Witness: The points are not fully developed to explain the importance of cash flow in ensuring the survival of an enterprise and therefore the answer lacks discussion.

The third method identified, radio, was not on its own a method of communication. Task Evidence required Included Tick [9] Task 1 Identifying a suitable project or activity Formal report about choosing a suitable project or activity — approx words [ ] Task 2 Planning the project or activity Action Plan of how the project or activity will be prepared for and carried out [ ] Financial planning: I hope that this revision site enterprise help you in your studies.


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Below is a list of what teachers can and cannot do when entdrprise learners on aspects of the coursework. The number of coursework samples Cambridge will ask you to provide is based on the number of candidates you have entered. A mark of two was awarded for the demonstration of knowledge. Assessors are reminded of the need to mark objectively and that all assessment decisions must be made objectively against only the listed criteria.

The response was awarded three marks.

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If the moderating teachers are not sure how to adjust marks, that is to say they are not able to see a clear and consistent pattern of marking that can be scaled they may call for more folders from a teaching set. Unfortunately the costs of planning enterpgise not fully explained.

igcse enterprise coursework exemplar

For example, research can involve not only investigating printed matter and people;s opinions UV – Enterprise in the Hair and Beauty Sector. A written description, script or storyboard showing the ideas for the advertisement would xoursework sufficient evidence for this work. To gain credit the candidate needed to be precise and identify that taking calculated risks is an entrepreneurial skill.

The comments highlight the strengths and limitations of the work, explain why the work would have been placed in the mark band and show how the work could have been improved.