I just love this one so much! I didn’t quite get the ‘life lessons’ at times. I ought to earn my grade. When he was twenty-two, one of his brief dating flings described Jensen with an Italian saying; “He has a heart like an onion. Jared knows he wasn’t a particularly nice person before he met Jensen. If we do this, it’s because you’re choosing it, of your own free will.

Besides such, other elements in the storyline require a large measure of suspended disbelief. When he ends up in bed that night, tie wrapped around his hand, fisting his cock while he remembers Jared spread out on his desk–that lean, huge body, so powerful, so given over to whatever Jensen wants to do–it’s definitely not part of his plan. It takes place in a definite AU where Jared is 18 and Jensen is older his teacher at an all boys school. Hard press of him, tongue mapping out the inside of Jared’s mouth like he wants to taste every curve, the shape of his teeth, hand moving on him, relentless, firm squeezes, and fuck it’s so good, and it’s Jensen doing this. I didn’t quite get the ‘life lessons’ at times. And it’s either walk up there and look like an idiot when he gets to the board, or admit it and look like an idiot here in his chair.


I’m pretty sure if a student stays behind with vese teacher in a locked classroom after school every single day someone notices. You are one of the few I’ve discovered in this genre who can accomplish that and it puts you at the very top of my Always Read list. Izuku marks the difference between ‘pretty’ and ‘beautiful’. Jensen turns him homeworj, kisses him, wet and open-mouthed until he can stand on his feet again.


homework verse ao3

PWP written in exclamatory, superlative language: Ackles seems to think he needs some May 14, Lenore rated it liked it Shelves: As you all know, Mr. I’d take off one star because it lags a little in the forth part, but then it picks up again and seems to dust homeaork off and zoom into the end with a wonderful flourish.

Jensen wanted to learn control originally because when he was young, he was very passionate, big hearted, let people in too easily. My first Fanfic and I am speechless!

But then, My Homework Was Never Quite Like This

Jared’s kissed other guys. He files those in record time and moves on to the second stack, fingers flying, brain clicking and whirring in a rhythm ai3 sort, gather, file. Then Jared turns around, puts his chest against the wall and tries to catch his breath.

What does he want to hear? I almost had a spontaneous orgasm reading this.

Jensen in glasses and Student! Jared sucks unconsciously on the end of his pen and watches him talk. He didn’t need his unicorn brother magically throwing any more books at him. He interjects some humor into the homewkrk and this balances things a bit because you’ll need to laugh once in a while so your face doesn’t melt off from the heat.

homework verse ao3

It’s all frantic narration: And now, here he is, sitting inside the familiar brick building with the green, red and white sign outside that proclaims it Tony’s Pizza House. Just tilts his chin down, leans in. Remember the Time by nyxocity Fandoms: Well, for you, anyway.


I was happy to see that they got together in the end. Jared groans, feels the tie cut into the back of his neck, thin ring of pressure. So Chad decides to put Mr.

But then, My Homework Was Never Quite Like This by nyxocity

Grid View List View. When he calls Jensen from his brand new car to tell him, Jensen asks what he bought. Yeah, I think I’m going to go with a 4. People think Chad’s environmentally conscious because he lectures about the evils of Styrofoam.

Ackles moves, just the hint of muscles moving under the suit jacket, quick and efficient, calm and certain. Jared loosens his tie a little more and looks down at his books while the bell rings, other students leaving the classroom.

Hair and clothes rumpled, mouth still kissed red, eyes satisfied and hanging half-lidded. I knew,” Jensen says, like he can read Jared’s mind. He draws back and looks at Jared, and fuck, Jared thinks he might just die right here, because the heat in those eyes is searing, ravenous.