For information and advice about colleges, university and jobs please go to G Available on your device With our beautifully designed apps available on iPhone, Android, Windows 8, Windows Phone and the web, My Study Life works on all of your devices. Decide what sections to include in your planner. The simplest option is to staple the paper together. Love this app and can’t wait for school to start so I can start using it!

The most useful aspect is the daily homework calendar which allows you to write in the name of the class, the homework assigned and the due date. A long time coming Loren Thomas Google Play The app is easy to use and its made my life a lot more organised. See that my homework. Cutting out paper and gluing it into your planner is a great solution for people who hate drawing. You will often be asked to participate. If you use printed paper, keep in mind how you will be using the planner when you pick your designs.

Usually by now the planner the kids get from school are starting to fall apart, binding comes unraveled or pages start to rip.

Anyone who takes a lot of time off school misses out on learning and it affects their grades and life chances. I’ve even used to to remind me of non school things. If you have homewofk needs, please make sure your parents or carers have informed the school.

fgcs homework planner

A parent who does not make sure their child has good attendance is referred to the Local Authority and faces fines and can possibly be taken to court.


Sample thesis title educational management. You can enter tests, assignments and homework. By arrangement you can access a computer at lunchtime see relevant section. You can mark your sections by placing a sheet of colored paper between them.

myHomework Student Planner

Use your syllabi or assignment sheets to fill in your assignments. You will be awarded a merit for positive behaviours such as holding doors open, letting people through and picking up litter. You will be set different types of homework by your teachers.

fgcs homework planner

You will be provided with feedback regularly by your teacher. Uniform items must be plain, without accessories, logos, decoration or any other colours.

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If you want to organize by month, take one monthly calendar and pair it with five weekly planning sheets and enough to-do list sheets to accommodate your planning needs. The homewprk is nice and heavy; there has been no problem with any bleed through with any of the several pens I have used. See that my homework. On the rare occasion some students decide not to follow safe corridor rules, they will receive a slip which gives notice of a detention.

Essay on law in hindi. Put your mind at ease by making a homework planner, and soon you will have all of your assignments at your fingertips. With several classes worth of work to remember, relying on your memory can be homewokr challenge. You can customize your subject areas, plenty of space for assignments, notes etc.


Thank you for being polite and courteous. If you would like to change something about learning, talk to your teacher. My senior in high school has been using this planner or it’s current year’s iteration since middle school. Private Study Wed 3: Write the plannre of the month and the correct dates for the first month of your homework planner. You can use it at lunchtimes and after school.

The simplest option is to staple the paper together. You should make sure classrooms and learning spaces are orderly and tidy. For example, you could buy a piece of zebra print paper and print your planner title on the front.

For example, you could use blue for essays, orange for fcgs, red for homewotk, etc.

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Sample supplemental essay for pharmacy school admission. You could save space with a. Banned Items The following items are banned in school: It is the law!