Retrieved 10 January The vehicle was found abandoned about metres away from the airbase. The Pathankot—Jammu highway was sealed off as soon as news of the attack broke. However, all other trainees had to bear the brunt of his actions,” a fellow trainee said Therefore, at the ground level there is virtually no policing of the kind that might have apprehended the Lashkar-e-Taiba terrorists as they landed on the beach outside Mumbai. These inadequacies include a preference for ad hoc responses, poor media management, and limited coordination and communication among actors both within and outside of the central government. The deployment of security personnel such as the NSG or the army appears to have been ad hoc, reactive, and mostly uncoordinated.

The security was today stepped up in the city. All consulate officials in Mazar are safe, latest reports say firing still going on. Officers say all terrorists dead, unexploded blinds grenades or shells left, defusing causing intermittent explosion heard at the IAF base. Indian defense Minister Manohar Parrikar said there are indications that some of the materials used were made in Pakistan. The Maharashtra state government would have been ordered to provide transportation to the NSG commandos on their arrival in Mumbai. Retrieved 6 January

There was confusion as to which agency should lead the antiterrorist operations, and media reports suggested behind-the-scenes turf battles. After leaving government service inhe headed the Research and Information System for Developing Countries, a prestigious think tank focusing on economic issuesand was Chairman of the National Security Advisory Board under the National Security Council Ministry of Foreign Affairs – Brazil.

Election Results Live. The airbase is over hectares of land and the entire NSG force in the country would not be sufficient to sanitize the area in a short time.

Oxford University Press, ; Seth G. The free-wheeling TV coverage from very close to the scenes of action became a valuable guide to the terrorists and their handlers to adapt their actions in response. The operational drills permit immediate responses so that senior security and the political leadership can then deal with larger issues and focus on elements for which existing drills may be inadequate.


Pathaankot done without compromising any asset, strategic or otherwise, Parrikar says.

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The mandate of the NIA probe will include entry of the militants into India, killing of a taxi driver Ikagar Singh, kidnapping of Superintendent of Police-rank officer of Punjab Police, who was later released and entry into the IAF campus. They entered the living quarters of the base, [43] but were prevented from entering the area where “high-value assets” are parked.

It is amazing to see the Home Minister and Defence Minister claim that the operation was a success, in that the security forces were able to contain the terrorists to a limited area and ensure that there was no major damage to our strategic assets.

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Once the crisis was over, the MEA undertook a comprehensive and detailed study of how the crisis unfolded over the 42 days and the manner in which it was handled. January 7, Updated on: Why was there no careful combing and clearing of the area?

Want to compliment agencies participating in this operation, salute personnel who lost their lives or are wounded: Unless there is political will to undertake urgent structural reforms, India will continue to be vulnerable to such security challenges. InSaran was awarded the Padma Bhushan, the third-highest civilian award in India, for his contributions to civil service.

Known for his “closeness” to Sucha Singh Langah, former Akali minister from Gurdaspur, Salwinder’s other claim to fame, or rather infamy, has been his colourful “extra-curricular activities”, for which he is facing two inquiries I’am a quintessential traveler surfing the winds of time.

Pathankot attack: ‘All terrorists dead’

It was also decided that the press spokesman of the ministry would always be available to answer any queries and the minister of state would make a statement on the hostage situation daily, providing regular updates once in the morning and once in the evening.


A similar transmitter has been recovered from near the area where the two terrorists were killed. Major Attacks on Indian Army.

essay on pathankot terror attack

Questions were raised about the lack of clear command structure within the security forces, the long duration of the attack, high casualties, lack of co-ordination between various units and premature statements claiming the end of the attack in spite of receiving accurate intelligence about the attack. A senior officer of the National Security Guard NSG was killed in an accidental explosion during combing operations at Pathankot air base on Sunday pushing aattack number of casualties among security forces to seven.

There is a failure to appreciate that any security system is o only as effective as its junior-most foot soldier. In both Mumbai and Pathankot, the Indian government favored ad hoc procedures over the established crisis management mechanisms, which were either not mobilized when most needed or failed to deliver on their mandate when deployed. Jawans have given ultimate sacrifice in Pathankotsecurity forces took prompt action, says Arun Jaitley.

Such engagement as exists is only episodic. Terror attack at Pathankot Air Force base; 2 terrorist killed”.

The Pathankot Attacks: The link between terrorism and the drug market

Haryana Salutes Martyred Garud Commando”. Terrorists spotted; Centre claims they were contained in forested area Evening: Therefore, it is surprising that the patankot government, under advise from NSA Ajit Doval, decided to bring in the NSG from Delhi rather than request the army stationed there to be immediately deployed. Why no detailed combing of the region donedespite several military, BSF and Punjab police units available close by?

As pathanko have seen, there are effective drills in place to meet different types of crisis situations. What does it mean?