In Marine and Petroleum Geology 15 3 , pp. Tectonic boundaries affecting the study area structures after McClay et al. The user now either creates another blob or makes use of the deformation with the gripper. An integrated approach for identifying aquifers in transcurrent fault systems: Most contemporary studies have been carried out after the peace negotiations in the s.

The continuous polygon on the map indicates the horizantal boundaries of the model. This flash heavy rainfall caused floods in the Eastern Desert wadis. The calculations of the porosity and drainable porosity, for the two aquifers defined by the two mud horizons, show a high-capacity to store water. When the user releases the mouse-button, a rotund 3D model is calculated and displayed. These strokes are layered and arranged in space to compose a 3D scene, in the same way that brushstrokes are added to a canvas figure 2. The test persons could practice for 5 to 10 minutes, verbal explanations of the use of the tool were given and questions were answered. Sequence analysis of the D2 Borehole 3.

First order differentials are the edge vectors in the piecewise linear curve. This object can be extruded and deformed.

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Light colored areas in the Figure are not covered with microwave data, but at least with low resolution images of IR geostationary satellites. In Tectonophysicspp. Freedrawer – A free-form sketching system on the responsive workbench.

Seismic profiles would be the best geophysical method to study these facts, since the prevailing situation is composed of very dry sands and gravel very high electrical resistivity covering an aquifer with brackish water very low electrical resistivitywhich make it difficult for electrical geophysical methods to be used couple of Vertical Electrical Sounding carried out during this research, but with bad results.


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The removal was done with regard to the approximated input plane. Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. Only include what is required This property addresses the level of detail of a sketch. A comparison between rainy minutes and pressure values clearly show a good correlation between them.

Two clear sequence boundaries were defined at 40 m and at 66 m Fig General map of wadi Bili catchment with the locations of Abu Sha’ar plateau, Esh El Mellaha mountain redge and Red Sea Hills Miocene outcrop on Abu Sha’ar plateau has a great importance for petroleum geologists as it is the main reservoir in dizsertation Gulf of Suez.

He was supportive in eideestattliche issues also besides the scientifically parts, i. eidesshattliche

eidesstattliche erklärung dissertation tu berlin

Curves are drawn directly into space with a pen and new curves are woven automatically into the existing curve network. Sketch- ing in 3D and eidesstattlice was compared in the same technical environment. Human Behaviour in Design: Those sub-basins from north to south are: Journal of Applied Meteorology, v.

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Sketch-based modeling is a current field of research that addresses the attempt to complement traditional sketching techniques with immediate model creation [CA09]. This research aims to study the surface hydrology during the flash floods in wadi Bili and to construct a geological model of the alluvial fan of wadi Bili. Active Red Dissettation Trough………………… Eustatic controls on clastic deposition.

Constructive curves greencenter curve blue and scaled circle. During the flood initiation, the energy will be so powerful that the measured water level would definitely underestimate the real water depth. The boundary between Pliocene and Pleistocene is very difficult to detect due to a lack of index fossils, pollens or spores. Teddy is run as a desktop application.


There are no flood nor rain gauges in the wadis of the Eastern Desert of Egypt, except for a few weather stations in the coastal cities.

eidesstattliche erklärung dissertation tu berlin

Sketching process The tool supported me well in expressing my idea of the object. Eidesstaftliche Sandstone, which could be referred to as pre-Senonian strata Thorweihe and Heinl,is a thick series of continental poorly fossiliferous sediments, except for pollens and spores that have been studied to determine its age.

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Architecture and depositional sequences of tertiary fault-block carbonate platforms; an analysis from outcrop Miocene, Gulf of Suez and computer modelling. This research proves the feasibility of introducing artificial recharge in coastal plains of the Red Sea. Mixed carbonate- siliciclastic sedimentation on a Beelin fault-block, Gulf of Suez, Egypt.

In Sedimentary Geology 37 3pp.

Mean values for task 1 Figure 4. Morgan Kaufmann, San Francisco, It was not possible to measure the flow rate at all points of the runoff section. The intended style is not that of an exact technical drawing or CAD model.