This information is available in German only. The main emphasis is given to study the interaction between localized charge-carrier molecular states and the delocalized surface states. This information is available in German only. It is shown, for the first time, how one can grow horizontally aligned carbon nanotubes in crossbar configurations in a single step and with bespoke crossing angles. Skip to main navigation. The TU Dresden has passed a Resolution on Open Access-Publishing that explicitely calls researchers to make their scientific work accessible to the public by publishing on the institutional repository Qucosa. Pick your way of search Simple search Advanced search Website search.

A variant of chemical vapor deposition CVD has been used to produce Al5BO9 nanowires out of sapphire wafers without the need of a catalyst material. Innovative material systems and their production technologies in a cross-material and cross-product approach are at the centre of a long tradition and excellent expertise at TU Dresden. While metallic nanoparticles nucleate and grow SWCNTs, opened and activated fullerene structures are used for all carbon catalyst-free growth of single wall and double wall carbon nanotubes. In addition, the transport properties of the aligned tubes at room temperature are also investigated through the fabrication of devices based on these tubes. Skip to secondary navigation. The extraordinary properties of the single wall carbon nanotubes SWCNTs have stimulated an enormous amount of research towards the realization of SWCNT-based products for different applications ranging form nanocomposites to nanoelectronics. With increasing aerodynamic loading of the blades and higher Mach numbers the consideration of rotor-stator-interactions gains in importance.

For these reasons the effects of the periodical unsteady flow field have to be considered during the design process of turbomachines. Address postal Postal Address: Two key areas still require further development before the realization of large-scale nanoelectronics. The path to the scientist title is experience- and network-oriented! Due to aerodynamic blade row interactions the pressure distribution on the blades considerably changes in time.


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dissertation tu dresden maschinenwesen

Hence, five different molecular complexes which offer a potential playground to realistic implement the m-QCA paradigm have been investigated. Skip to main navigation. For more information, please contact our Alumni Officer. The Graduate School of TU Dresden The Graduate School is the central hub of contact for all doctoral students and post-doctoral students for all questions concerning the doctoral and postdoctoral phase of their studies at TU Dresden.

The main source of unsteadiness in the stable operating range of turbomachinery is the aerodynamical interaction of the rotor and stator blade rows. Although this fact has received increasing attention within recent years, blade row interactions effects are not yet typically addressed in current design systems of turbomachinery Van Zante et al. This information is available in German only. The aim of this work is to develop new strategies for alignment by self assembly of such one-dimensional nanomaterials like carbon nanotubes using combination of different conventional techniques.

Address parcel Parcel Address: Dense mats of Al5BO9 nanowires cover large areas of the substrate that were previously relatively flat. This can lead to a reduction of fatigue life or even a destruction of the blading. This information is available in German only. Indeed, the knowledge enables such tubes to maschinensesen grown in high yield and with a high degree of special control.

The novelty of the work relies on the formation mechanism of the Al5BO9 nanowires. Assembly of nanoparticles provides effective building blocks for physical, chemical and biological systems which have surprisingly collective intrinsic physical properties. The formation and growth of the nanostructures is solely dfesden by the electron beam.


Show map of this location. As a result, the real flow field is highly periodically unsteady and very complex, especially in multistage turbomachinery. The results suggests a major role played by this variable in terms of the time length in which the intra-molecular charge transfer can be observed.

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The knowledge of the unsteady blade boundary layer development is especially important for a possible reduction of turbomachinery blade losses. The award is one of the most highly revered prizes for final theses at the TU Dresden.

Finally, the validation of these findings is carried out via comparison with accesible experimental results and opening the gate to plausible strategies where the paradigm can be implemented.

At the centre of ti Research Priority Area is the monitoring of the earth system, the exploration of modern mobility, the future energy supply and the sustainable development of human living space. This information is provided by FIS.

Localization of nanoparticles at liquid-liquid interfaces by manipulating the particle surface energy is dfesden upcoming area with great potential for research and opens a window to fabricate self assembled interfacial structured hybrid materials with unique properties.

Skip to secondary navigation. The main emphasis is given to study the interaction between localized charge-carrier molecular states and the delocalized surface states.

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Read more Obtaining a doctorate. Furthermore the boundary layer state substantially influences the heat transfer between the blade surface and the fluid, which is an important aspect for turbine blades.

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