Glycated proteins as autoantigens: Magnetic and thermal conducting studies on iron oxide besed nanofluids. Shree Shiv Chhatrapati Sports Complex. Electrophilic synthesis of polyarylene sulphide. Analytical studies of oxidants K for catalytic oxidation of organic compounds. Catalytic chlorination of ethylene and tetrachloroethylene to hexachloroethane.

Development of biocontrol agents for the control of pests in agriculture using chitin metabolism as target. IISF Outreach program 2. Design and implementation of a biodiversity information management system: Density functional theory DFT studies of the homogeneous activation of small molecules using transition metal and main group based compounds. Alkylation and disproportionation of aromatic compounds over molecular sieve catalysts.

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Dissertation at ncl punereview Rating: Genetic diversity and linkage analysis in chickpea using DNA markers. Asymmetric transformations employing II face stereoselection and enantioselective synthesis of bioliogically active natural products.

Catalysis and kinetics of hydrogenation of nitrobenzene to p-aminophenol. Desymmetrization approach for the synthesis of 1,3-disubstituted isoindolines and conduramine analogues. Chemicstry of sugarcane wax.

An exercise with mycobacterium tuberculosis.

Dissertation at ncl pune

Effect of ionic solutes on amino acids and peptides from thermodynamic, volumetric and transport studies: Mass spectrometry of organic ions.


In vitro culture of plant cells: Assessment of diversity and in vitro responses in pinus roxburghii from Indian provenances.

Magnetic and thermal conducting studies on iron oxide besed nanofluids. Chemical investigation of some indian medicine plants and sysnthesis of some biologically active compounds.

Identification and characterization of plant derived proteinaceous inhibitors of gut digestive enzymes of poluphagous insect pest helicoverpa armigera hubner. Gravimetric determination of beryllium and its separation from other elements using organic reagents. Derivatives of amino acids as wetting agents. Dna fingerprinting and molecular characterization of microsatellites and minisatellites in rice.

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Investigation into patterns of Interactions involving sequentially neighboring amino acids dissertstion functional protines. Investigation of natural terpenoids and their transformation products. Adsorption and mass transfer in solid catalysts and adsorbents. Clay for Catalyst Removal. CdSe and its hybrid materials for energy applications.

Interaction of metal ions with peptides and similar molecules.

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Green processes for selective oxidation of petroleum and biomass derived components using novel catalysis. Homophthalic anhydride derivatives to bioactive natural products.


Investigation on the terpenic constituents of costus root oil. Biochemical studies in plant tissue culture. Conversion of carbohydrate biomass to value added chemicals.

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Removing Noise from Data. Diffraction of electrons by amorphous films and the diffraction of electrons of medium energy.

Metal-organofunctionalized SBA catalysts for fine chemical syntheses. Development of synyhetic methodologies using photochemical transformations and phosphacumulene ylide chemistry and their ppune towards biologically active compounds.

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Activation of small molecules for cycloaddition and coupling reactions over transition metal catalysis. Computational study of anticodon loops of tRNAs having modified nucleosides.

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Inositol 1,3 -acetals as versatile intermediates for the synthesis of cyclitol derivatives. Elucidating molecular mechanism of antiglycation compounds by proteomic approaches.