Oh and, my video is still up on YouTube. JohnCPA , Jun 18, No affiliate links added. I get my orders on time. Then I upload those videos on YouTube. Does YT allow locking? Earlier I mentioned installing the vidIQ extension which basically shows you a ton of info about a YouTube video including ALL the tags used by the original uploader.

Welcome to Our Community Wanting to join the rest of our members? You can search on forum, some website or blog. Stdnt , Jun 16, I found a few videos. Stdnt for the thread. Uploading it and getting traffic is the hard part. I also needed to find a good video to see if I could rip it and re-upload it.

It keeps your viewers watching and it means they engage with you. This is basically launch-jacking.

cpagrip case study

Santosh Shah likes this. Works every damn time. How much you can earn from CPAGrip?

I was told that the majority of YT traffic are desltop, can it work on mobile version too? OGads desktop locker — I had a World of Warcraft logo on top but it seems to have cpagrop. Can you please tell me the name of your channel? I knew I was onto something.


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What do you do when you suck at making videos? Real voice can able to earn the trust of your visitors.

cpagrip case study

Feel free to sign up today. You can read all about it here. You can do this for a lot of niches, just think different. Then I upload those videos on YouTube. With microphone, I used to say how to download the files from those link. StdntJun 18, When it came to YouTube, I always preferred vase over quantity i.

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So like everyone else, I went looking for keys and keygens each time until I finally learnt what CPA was. I spent only few minutes writing a good SEO description with a keyword. One mention of the URL is more than enough. If you do all of this right, you will definitely rank your video. Hi bro, this is fantastic! Santosh ShahAug 2, Do you already have an account?


They will love to download the file you share on Youtube. I was trying to gauge how saturated the niche was already.

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Uploading it and getting traffic is the hard part. You make your own. A YouTube account — duh. Your name or email address: The best way to find a profitable niche is to get into something you already know a lot about.

The most important part, how will you generate traffic to your CPA offers? A new expansion of the game comes out almost every 2 years and this time, the expansion was gonna be called World of Warcaft: Description in YouTube video The most important part: What else do you need?