Here are three providers of exam help. Focussed consulting seminar is offered in Toronto, Ottawa and London Ontario. Before being granted registration as a professional member or licensee, you must pass the Professional Practice Examination. Where do I start studying? Three textbooks are in general use and the exams are generally based on two of these. By giving exam writers lots of practice doing mock exams that mimic the exam format and difficulty, you are able to easily identify any areas where you need to focus more study effort.

All candidates will receive an email from Yardstick confirming their booking which outlines the date. Since most, if not all, business written communication is done by typing, this should come as a relief to you. For our most recent reviews, see our Google Local Page. Print it off and hang it by your favourite study spot. If you are still not successful after 3 tries, you will be forced to wait 12 months until you can try a forth time. I’ve included well-researched information on the syllabus, handy checklists and cheat sheets and a bank of questions that will prepare you well. A question multiple choice quiz will test you on all 40 topics from I.

apegbc ppe essay questions

Questiions you write your exam, you can finally breathe a sigh of relief that your studying is over. You are typically given 3 essay topics but you only need to select one to write about.

This article is courtesy of Gavin Simone, P. After reviewing your exam results, you’re now in a position to go back to previous steps to work on the topics that you need a little more practice with.

Computers are faster at marking MCQs, but a human is still needed to mark the Essay question and apply a bell curve if necessary. This course references the most current two versions of both books: This proven method of teaching produces much higher information retention rates compared to the exam writer who tries to self-study the material.


You need 6 out of to pass this part. Making your way from aspiring engineer to licensed engineer can be a long yet rewarding process.

Passing Your Exam in BC- Speatbc

After re-reviewing and improving the areas you might have weaknesses in, you can repeat that process again. Practicing sample questions will also give you instant feedback and help you identify any areas of weakness you may pe. Although the professional organizations offer the exams regularly, they limit their preparation assistance.

Ethics – All 4 sub-topics covered III.

Three textbooks are in general use and the exams are generally based on two of these. Each student needs an internet connection and a computer. Candidates have a couple of study methods available to them: It is highly interactive, well received see feedback from participants in the website preparatory course. There is over minutes of pure NPPE content to speed up your learning. The questions esssay kept in a question bank, and you can select any number of question to attempt at any sitting e.

Applicants requiring assistance preparing essxy their Professional Practice Exam PPE may seek apegbc additional resources on the Internet using their preferred search engine. The embedded videos and modules work on all modern browsers.

APEGBC PPE Now Computer Based

This points you to the reading section for all 47 syllabus topics saving you fssay 50 hours of research and digging around online. Since most, if not all, business written communication is done by typing, this should come as a relief to you. You can access your course content on any device. Is there a limit on how many times I can take the practice exams?


Get started right away! To keep up with the times, APEGBC is realizing the benefit of having you type your essay, rather than trying to read your chicken scratch. Here is 1 of 7 of the education videos found inside the course: Learn the key law, ethics and professional practice concepts through embedded flash cards, step-by-step checklists, exam simulation and much more.

BC PPE Exam Online Prep Course | 3 Hours of Instruction | Questions

Reading sections of your textbooks step 1 has the page numbers of each of the 40 sub-topics The flash cards step 2 Watching my presentations on the 40 sub-topics step 4 Trying eesay practice questions again step 3 and 5. Yes, you can log in from any device to access and use the course.

apegbc ppe essay questions

Even schools in B. With questions depending on the package you selectyou can try them essya in one sitting or just do a few. After writing Part A you will be given a minute break before you start Part B.


The legacy of malcolm, video presentations, we recommend that you take one early in your hot topic store map studying eseay and then later to determine which areas you still need to focus. Printing will be much more legible for the reviewer who will be grading your essay. Novemberyou will be asked to select your preferred exam date.

apegbc ppe essay questions