I had not thought about lectins being in the meat and dairy because of the grain fed meat. Science has manipulated fact throughout current scientific history and what was deliberately left out of the Bible is why there is o much doubt about the many miracles and historical stories. Subtle issues relating to let-generalisation become clearer as a result. We take the prebiothrive, primal plants, and vital reds everyday. Janna July 8, Thanks for sharing your success story.

The Prebio Thrive looks like a legitimate product. The lectins seem like a selling point, not sound science. In the past week, I saw a friend in the grocery store that told me about the Specific Carbohydrate Diet and the success his wife had with it. New things in terms of chemicals that resist pests and allow us to grow more food? Thank you for your informative response and congratulations! However, it may be the best thing we can do for ourselves.

Gundry has awakened interest in proper food preparation; he does not refute cooking tomatoes, or pressure cooking lentils breaks down lectin.

adam gundry thesis

He explains that in order to eat fruit year round, fruit must be picked unripe and then injected later to make it appear ripe. So, thinking that plants were made to be food for us just makes sense.

adam gundry thesis

They do everything they can to produce poisons. Michael B June aadm, Thanks Coralee for your input, like the people that have replied to you above, do you think you can email me and share more?


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I guess you are just trying to push your own Hallelujah diet. My distrust is growing, but still not sure. By using the comment function on degruyter. Gundry explains the WGA vs. A formalization of our algorithm is presented with an outline of its correctness. My Christian experience I am a Christian pastor does not in itself validate my dietary approach although I do experience a conjunction of experience and understanding through both.

Plants contain lectins as a mechanism for defending against microorganisms, pests and insects. I happen to disagree with many purely Biblical points, but also point out to those people who mock belief in God at least as a Causeless Cause that argument cannot resolve the issue, as the two systems Faith and Science are orthogonal no parallels, except, perhaps at the undecidable singularity of origin. Only those with their head in a dark hole and weak thinking and logic skills could believe humans evolved from monkeys.

I got my LDL down from not too high to 52 with supplements and no statins.


We snack on nuts. One thing that drives me crazy are these info-videos that go on and on, promising some type of secret, but you have to watch 30, 45, unknown amount of video to get to that life changing information.

Yes they are doing research and developing a vaccine was supposed to be out about four years ago against cholesterol.


Time and our improving health will tell us mor as we go. Try it gently and observe results.

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Becky Nykamp March 15, Then watch your tongue to see if it turns white or red. Still off all over the counter meds. Buy my book, buy my stuff, buy yourself into the good life. Martin February 26, After a couple of months on the diet, I have greatly reduced pain, am coming off the pills, have greater energy and am approaching normal aadam.

One parent of a patient, Elaine Gundty of Canada kept their work alive after her 8 year old with ulcerative colitis was cured after 2 years on the Specific Carbohydrate Diet under guidance of the Haases.

adam gundry thesis

BUT, it works for me. My husband and I have been following Plant Paradox since April 8, It is the cheapest part of the formula. Specially watch what axam how much you eat. Volume 7 Issue 1 Marpp. Gundry changed the path of his career.

G claims that his lectin-free diet is essential to living your best life, we at Hallelujah Diet strongly disagree.