Really Pakistan is very beautiful. It shows how mesmerizing could be the real peace and blessings of nature. Thank you for some truly breathtaking photographs. We arrived in Jaam Garh, the town of refugees. But to our shock and utter disbelieve, Farhan revealed that as we already had breakfast at Phagwari we would have lunch at Athmuqam.

First of all i will thank the writer and Dawn for showing the hidden gems of Pakistan. Cannot annotate a non-flat selection. Nature hunting by camera. This is the last hamlet before you reach the LOC. M Bukhari please don’t make alteration in your photo graphical work.

I saw so many beautiful places through Syed Mehdi Bukhari sit in may Office.

From the altitude of 5, ft from Neelum valley, keran is located. Recently I was in Afghanistan to deliver talk while returning purchased few packets of biscuits, etc.

We set out on our adventurous journey and had hardly reached Sial Service Area on Motorway when Ghazzanfar disclosed that he no longer wanted to continue the tour, the news was shocking for us but then Ghazzanfar explained his misery of backache and requested us to drop him there as he wanted to go back and for our surprise he already made some adjustments on phone. He vakley be reached on Facebook.

Neelum District

I knew, sooner rather than later, my feet would be longing for another odyssey. The jeep was running on the track just one foot higher than the river.

neelum valley essay

I have had the good fortune of living in Jammu and Kashmir for 2 months. Meengal and Kalkore about meter neelim sea level are the last villages of this series. SM Bukhari, you got a mighty pen, powerful lens, wild imagination and restless soul. Was thinking about riding to Tau Batt on a motorbike.


Their elders had trodden the same path.

Plan a Trip to Neelum Valley!

One of the fact is the there is a long track goes towards Nanga Parbat. Jagran valley is having a beautiful and clear waterfall that attracts the tourists.

This is another picturesque place in the Neelum Valley.

neelum valley essay

What had led this man to kill his goat? You are commenting using your Google account. The men mostly wear a weskit because in summers also the weather there is neelhm and cool and when we talk about winters the sweaters and the normal jackets comes into play.

In the morning drive from Keran to Kutton. A little later, the last rays from the declining sun began to redden the puffed faces of the two clouds valleyy had stubbornly stayed in the sky. When the jeep arrived at Kail, a earth-scented breeze rushed to welcome me; it dallied everywhere. It is situated 59 miles from Muzaffarabad and lies on the banks of the Neelam River at an altitude of 5, ft.

Neelum valley – Great Pakistan

Primary schools in the Valley are few and far between while there are no opportunities for higher education. Kutton is also known as Jagran Valley. Dawarrian at a distance of 13 Km from Neelum at an altitude of meters is surrounded by mountains full of conifer trees. Nature probably worked long and hard to create Ratti Gali, first carpeting it with green velvet grass, and then speckling it with yellow, blue, and orange shades. While the multimedia was ready in no time, it was the stereo sound speakers which refused to start.


neelum valley essay

It all added to the splendor view before us. As in most deprived mountain communities, the inhabitants of the Neelum Valley in general, and the women and children in particular, suffer from chronic health problems due to inadequate nutrition, unsafe drinking water and unhygienic living conditions.

Trip to Neelum Valley

Silence echoed through the valley. Years later when I was reading Greek mythology I read the same explanation. Let me write for the Mothers Whose children sob in the night And, cradled in tired, toiling arms Will not tell their woes Will not be lulled with entreats. I mean really vallley Switzerland could earn billions so could Fssay.

Neelum valley is reputed to one of the most scenic place in whole of Pakistan. Beauty in all its colourful glory. TaobatAzad Kashmir, Pakistan.

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