Then you have a bigger test of about questions, multiple choice again can’t remember everything that was on it but you definately cannot study for it and I think its designed to check your critical thinking and reasoning skills. Interview The whole experience was a disaster, very poorly organized. Interview Questions How did you handle a conflict? You must start on this date and work only 8: I interviewed at WSIB. I was called by the director who was very abrupt, spoke quickly and told me about the required quotas which over the phone did not seem unreasonable, until I hit the floor and had to do it the way they had structured it.

Are you sure you want to remove this interview from being featured for this targeted profile? How does your company compare? One thing I noticed was the way the staff around the building appear. Invited to assessment testing which consists of active listening, behavioural and critical thinking Watson-Glaser test. Get a free employer account to respond to reviews, see who is viewing your profile, and engage with your candidates.

critical thinking test wsib

Interview Human Resources were great to deal with over the phone. The phone interview took 15 minutes.

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View All num of num Close Esc. I always have trouble answering criticl questions. Interview Questions What makes you a good fit for the position. Just completed the panel interview.


critical thinking test wsib

Interview phone interview then written test. The interview process was quite odd.

critical thinking test wsib

Quickly contacted by HR. I did not receive an offer, and I can suppose that my articulation of my past experience and how it applied to the job being applied for was lacking.

Later, was asked to complete a one-page written sample on a topic. We’re sorry but your feedback didn’t make it to the team.

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The interview process consists of 4 stages. Took a month after the 3rd step for a rejection email. Flag this Item Cancel. The whole process took 8 months. Now Im off to the interview which is suppose to be an hour and half.

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Write a 2 page or less essay on a “Critical Thinking”. Following the test, I was asked to complete a written component. Flag as Inappropriate Flag as Inappropriate.

I have the interview Tuesday.

Interview Questions The essay question was very straightforward, but frankly I was confused as to why WSIB would want an essay rhinking was a regurgitation of what is on their website.

Anyone have any insight into what the test is all about? Your feedback has been sent to the team and we’ll look into it.

One thing I noticed was the way the criticxl around the building appear. The process took 4 weeks. Asked situational questions, precious experience and suitability thinklng position.


There were four interviews 1 Phone Interview asked generic questions about past job history and how it relates to this position 2 Testing a active listening – listening to a recording, taking notes, and completing a test about the recording b critical thinking – reading various problems and finding the best solution 3 Essay – 2 page or less essay on two questions 4 In-person interview – interviewed by 3 people.

Eligibility Adjudicator Interview Anonymous Employee. Applied with a social services management based resume.

WSIB Interview Questions in Toronto, ON

My friend works in Human resources. I felt the whole process was a good opportunity to improve on my interviewing skills and understand what industry leaders are doing to find the right candidates. Phone interview with basic behavioral questions. First you get a call for phone interview then written test which has 3 parts: Lastly, after the interview a 30 minute written assessment on how you would prioritize 5 situational problems you might have as an EA.

Does anyone know what that’s about?