Spanish missionaries gradually added a Christian meaning. Ati Atihan Festival History In the 13th century, Huge amount of Malay datus out of Borneo arrived at Panay Island during balangays , which they were able to cross over the ocean to flee the horrible reign of Sultan Makatunaw. The festival is Celebrated in honor of the Sto. The blackened dancers attract tourists from all over the world and when the festivities are done, these tourists hit the beach on the white sands of a nearby island called Boracay for more parties. One time the Ati people was in need of food because of a bad harvest in their homelands because strong rains wiped out hillside crops.

Legend of the Ati-atihan Fest in Aklan. All week long, celebrants arrive by land, sea, and air. Datu Puti, leader of the expedition and a relative of Makatunaw, established the Panay settlement and left Datu Sumakwel in charge. The procession begins with a rhythmic drumbeats, and dances parading along the street. Today, Ati-Atihan is celebrated in the Aklan towns of Makato, Altavas, and Ibajay, a small town northeast of Kalibo which claims to be the original site where the Negritos came down from the hills to celebrate with the lowlanders.

At that time, religion came into the festival.

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It is held on the last Sunday. Other towns in Aklan with Ati-Atihan Festival: They are prodded by drums as they dance their way to the town center. The pride of our home and how much more it has to offer. Fiestas offered religious processions, dances, music, and theatrical presentations to the people.

Street Dancing,Costume,Drum beats was last modified: This is most famous fiesta in the country. When the Spanish took over the Philippines many centuries ago, they deemed the old Malay celebration a form of Pagan worship.


Christians and non-Christians observe this day with religious processions. When there was just farming and warfare on other islands, there was partying on Aklan. Festival fever grips Visayas.

Kalibo – Ati Atihan

That is why Filipinos carry Him close to their hearts essag a talisman, or anting-anting, and as protection from the unholy. If you enjoy good photography or are simply keen with your Instagram shotsthe visual beauty that is Ati-Atihan will surely blow you away.

ati atihan essay

The Ati also called Negritos or Pygmies were small dark people, and after receiving the land, the story goes, the Malayan people blackened their faces to look like the Ati. The Atis themselves, lived more upland in the mountains.

ati atihan essay

Years later, the Spanish Christians, having converted much of the country, persuaded the inhabitants to darken their skin, wear warlike clothing, and pretend they were Ati sti frighten away the Muslims. In return, the Ati danced and sang for them, grateful for the gifts they had been given.

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This page was last edited on 27 Aprilat Some time later, the Ati people were struggling with famine as the result of a bad harvest. The highlight of the festival occurs on the last day, the third Sunday of January, when groups representing different tribes compete for tourists’ attention and prizes. Last moments of the festivals starts when People walk behind the street dancers and follow them while holding the bamboo wssaySculptures and holding paintings of the Child Jesus.

The groups include all age groups – another wonderful aspect of the festival. Kalibo Hotels for Ati Atihan.

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The beating of bass drums and the rhythmic tinkling of metal and stone on bottles echo in the air during the celebration. Tourists are ferried across rice fields and coconut plantations to Kalibo hotels while others are accommodated in private homes and public buildings.


The key activity of the festival and one of the main reasons tourists gather to the island is the native dance competitions pitched to rhythmic and mesmerizing drumbeats that run nonstop for several days.

The festival includes every local group in Aklan with a unique tribal tradition, various civic or commercial organizations and individuals that create new costumes every year. Spanish missionaries gradually added a Christian meaning. There local residents even managed the property in order for them to establish their residences on. Grand festivities aside, Ati-Atihan is first and foremost a cultural experience that allows you a peek into the rich history of Kalibo.

A group of 10 Malay chieftains called Datusfleeing from the island of Borneo settled in the Philippines, and were granted settlement by the Ati people, the tribes of Panay Island.

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Organizers of the event design a atiuan security plan as there will be more than Policemanthere will be Army solders available too for protecting the peoples and intelligence agencies will help to secure this year festival. The loob inner self is once again purified by the performance of the ritual of the celebration panlabas. All About Ati-Atihan Festival Aklan is known for its ABC: